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Microlearning is a bite-sized content designed for ‘just-in-time’ use and multi-device delivery. Prompt or instant gratification of information and knowledge needs is something that appeals to all of us. It’s no wonder then that organizations are going for the strategy of microlearning. Here the content is bite-sized and highly focused content. This implies that learning concepts that are absolutely required and relevant are alone imparted. This ensures that the learners find them useful. So they pay undivided attention. They are motivated to visit the content often without becoming over anxious. The bite-sized content or learning nuggets can be delivered in a variety of forms like videos, animations, simulations, performance support activities, cue cards, and infographics. That makes learning an exciting experience. Microlearning content can be efficiently delivered via cell phones and tablets as well as mobile learning Apps. To get an in-depth idea about microlearning, please log in for a free consultation session.
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