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Digital Learning

We develop innovative learning modules that empower the learners and enable them to learn in a positive an effective manner.  The courses are aimed to educate, engage and entertain and above all achieve the training objectives. We develop relevant and specific learning bytes, scenarios that make it appropriate for the workplace. We also provide the backing of gamified elements or incorporate real life, and motivational stories help learners focus on the content and training activates with zeal and deep involvement.

To know more about our digital learning platform or any other matter and schedule a free consultation please get in touch with us.

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Mobile Learning Apps

The workforce is increasingly becoming mobile. By providing your staff with access to training materials even when they are not in a central location will make your interactions dynamic and uninterrupted. They need to just use these mobile devices too as part of the training process. This will give your organization an added edge in today’s competitive market. We design custom mobile learning for quick reference in the field, and tablet and phone-friendly versions of our digital Learning as apps for Android and iOS. Make us these and see the difference. You will surely empower your workforce to learn better and perform better, wherever they are.
To find out all about these mobile learning modules give us the go-ahead to arrange a free consultation session for you.

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We have designed games to provide learners have an in-depth learning experience that would result in a higher level of retention, improve performance and enhanced learning.  We develop games using proven theories in gamification that create excitement and engagement even as we facilitate serious learning.

Our gamification incorporates elements of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Game mechanics, applicable scenarios. These provide the learners with a rich learning experience that equips them to face the challenges of the workplace with confidence and excel in what they do.

To know more about our games development plans and to schedule a free consultation please get in touch with us.

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Training Simulations

Simulations enable learners to ‘learn by doing’ in a safe environment. Here you can afford to make mistakes and yet, learn from them without any adverse real-life consequences. The simulated set up provides a virtual systems application environment. Here, you can experience a simulated mini business process or an end-to-end process. You have the opportunity to work through a method in a guided environment and get immediate feedback at every step. You can thus enhance your problem-solving ability and general competence. Simulated learning strategy can be applied to build a broad range of business skills and can be useful in the sphere of sales, marketing, and leadership skills too.

To get an in-depth idea about the use of simulations in training, we will be happy to arrange a free consultation session for you. Just contact us.

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We use the microlearning strategy to quickly and effectively bridge the gap between skill and knowledge of the trainee.  Microlearning is a small or bite-sized information unit imparted as short learning modules tailored to achieve a specific learning objective. It is also used for performance support or in mobile learning. A few standard features of microlearning are:

  • Short and Concise: Microlearning events are usually very short and take up 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Granular and topic-specific: Microlearning focuses on a particular topic, concept or an idea.
  • Varied delivery formats: Microlearning can be carried out multiple forms like an activity, discussion, a game, a video, an animation, an infographic.

Thus microlearning offers content in small bite-sized chunks and can be used as just-in-time learning event that improves performance. It is ideal in the fast-paced learning culture we have today.

To get further insight into our microlearning programs and schedule a free consultation, please get in touch with us.

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Interactive Video Platforms

We provide Online Video Platforms for companies that desire to use interactive videos and video analytics for effective communications, sales, marketing and support with an option to integrate with CRM and LMS. With the world leading platform, you can have the most comprehensive online video player serving personalized video with your own branded video channel backed by analytics capability.

We are a co-seller partner of Vidyard and a reseller partner of HapYak, both a world-leading interactive video hosting and analytics platforms.We also partner with Viziotag to provide an interactive menu, which givescontrol over viewing experience.

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