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Interactive Video Platforms

An enterprise-class Online Video Platform (OVP) is a must-have for businesses to deliver a video experience that is personalized, interactive, and targeted.

Interactive video permits the user to click or touch the image to trigger an action such as loading a pop-up screen, opening a web page. Viewers can control “what to do next,” and watch the characters in the video respond to their decisions. This permits branching, playing out the consequences of making choices, jumping to what interests you, and watching events unfold through the eyes of different characters.

Benefits of interactive video in learning and development (L&D)

Personalized: Interactive video permits user-driven decision-making and a sense of user control. This can enable a more personalized learning experience and greater choice for the learner.

Engaging: Interactive video is immersive and reduces user drop-off when compared to regular “flat” video. Story-driven approaches encourage exploration such as branching, learning more in “layers” of content, or collecting knowledge items that are interspersed across the entirety of the journey.

Reasons why your business should use Interactive and personalized videos in Sales and Marketing

Interactive and personalized video boosts conversions, increases sales and shows great ROI. Personalized video builds trust, stirs emotions and interactive can explain complex concepts with ease and inspire viewers to take action.Video appeals to mobile users and engages even the laziest buyers and encourages social shares.

We are a co-seller partner of Vidyardand a reseller partner of HapYak, both a world-leading interactive video hosting and analytics platforms. We also partner with Viziotag to provide interactive viewing experience with an interactive menu, which gives them complete control over viewing experience.

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