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Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile Content

Mobile learning content is not just a case of desktop e-learning in miniature. Our dedicated team of mobile experts understand all aspects of mobile learning from design to technical considerations and the user experiences which are distinctive. Learners are sure to be delighted by the user-friendly interface.

Mobile First design

Since content is accessed mostly via mobile phones, our strategy is ‘Mobile First Design”. We design content specifically for tablets or cell phones, rather than for desktop computers and expecting it to be functional when it is replaced by eh mobile phone screen.

This concept is transferable to the Instructional Design of mobile developments as well. We also explore using mobile affordances such as geolocation etc. to maximize the mobile capability for enhanced learning and productivity.

We develop unique mobile learning materials tailored to the training and business needs of our clients. We will help you determine the best mobile solution for you ranging from content accessed via the web, or bite-sized learning accessed via the LMS or through web Apps or native Apps.

To find out more about this exciting area, please get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation session.
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